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Kamari Santorini Postal Code 84700 | Tel. +30 22860-31302 / 31608, +30 210-6391000 Fax:+30 22860-31870 || MHTE 1144K033A0188600
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As far as all information is concerned, it is of utmost significance to mention that the DOLPHIN’S APARTMENTS have the one and only
location. They have been built exactly in front of the black sand bay of Kamari.

The coastal village of Kamari extends in a northeast to southwest direction from Monolithos to the feet of the Mesa Vouno mountain that rises up to the height of approximately 400m, being Santorini’s second highest peak.
It lies almost 9km away from the island’s capital Fira and 4km away from the airport.
The village got its name from a small arch (Greek Καμάρα, Kamara), which still rises at the south end of its beach. It is what remains from an ancient sanctuary commemorated to Poseidon God. In 2002, excavations unearthed an archaic sanctuary dedicated to Achilles.
The amazing beach of Kamari is primarily so unique as it is covered with black pebbles and grey sand. What is also stunning is the correlation between the colour of the bay and the beauty of the Mesa Vouno mountain.
The pedestrian road along the coast has a great variety of interesting shops and restaurants. It has so many things to offer and do. Consequently, people of all ages have the chance to admire the challenging surroundings that are wonderful. This astounding experience combines enjoyment all time long. People can entertain themselves not only during the day but also at night.

Regarding the transport, our apartments have a great convenience. It is only 50m distance for the civil parking and it is free of charge. What is more, the bus station is only 70m distance.

Accommodation during your stay means that you will have direct access to all means of transportation. It is centrally located so anybody can tour wherever he likes either for short or longer distances. It is also important to suggest that the village of Kamari includes several supermarkets and other shops for your daily needs. It would not be an exaggeration to claim that the setting of our Apartments give without a doubt a feeling of safety and pleasure.